1/6 ride

June-like weather drew 22 riders to yesterday’s ride from Jesse Wharton. About half the folks wanted a short ride, while the rest of us planned to head toward Wentworth, the county seat of Rockingham County.

We went out faster than planned and by the time we got the short group’s turn point we were strung out. During one long climb I found myself in a group of four that had opened a gap after a short steep hill. We kept rolling and I was at my limit. This is January?

The big feature of a ride to Wentworth is the climb out of town. You descend for several miles, all the while looking at the ridges on the other side of the valley, then the town proper is there and gone in a blink. After a couple of small hills, you roll onto a steeper climb that continues to a store at the top of the hill. It’s not a particularly long hill and fortunately the pace had dropped, so there was less suffering than there might have been.

When all was said and done we logged 47.1 miles. Not bad for early January.

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