A Cue Sheet Narrative

For anyone interested in duplicating the century I rode Monday, here’s the cue sheet. And a bit of commentary about what to expect.

First, get yourself to Fourth of July Park in Kernersville. That’s the starting point.

From there (look for orange arrows on the road to follow):

R, Mountain St
R, W. Bodenheimer – 0.8 miles
L, Nelson St – 1 mile
L, Piney Grove Rd – 9.7 miles
L, Belews Creek Rd – 10.9 miles
R, Hwy 65 West – 16.2 miles

To this point you’ll have seen nothing but flat roads, but don’t become complacent…. Our group was averaging ~19 mph — I was thinking that this was too fast for me to sustain.

R, 311 and 65
R, Junction 89/311 N – 22.9 miles

The last few miles the road starts to tilt upwards just enough to offer a hint of what’s ahead. However, you’ve now reached the first…

REST STOP (Citgo Station on left)

S, Hwy 89 West/Hwy 8
S, Hwy 89 to Francisco
S, Hwy 89 to Hwy 66 (road forks, bear left) – 43.9 miles

By now you’ve started a series of climbs that have taken you through Danbury and into the countryside. Fortunately there are a few downhills where you can coast and rest your legs.

L, Hwy 66 South

REST STOP @ Brown Mountain Baptist Church – 47.6 miles

The nice folks at BMBC laid out a nice spread for the riders. But if you’re following this cue sheet you’ll need to just keep on rolling. Sorry.

S, Hwy 268 – 55.2 miles
L, Brims Grove Rd – 58.3 miles
L, Volunteer Rd
S, Volunteer becomes Chestnut Grove – 65.5 miles
L, Hwy 66

You’ve continued over some rolling climbs. If you’re lucky, you’ll have missed the headwinds we experienced when riding this route.

REST STOP @ Mt Olive Baptist Church – 65.6 miles

The folks at Mt Olive told us that the church invites cyclists to park there, and has water and restrooms available. If you want a shorter ride that takes you around the local mountains, this is an excellent place to start. Also, you’ll find a couple of convenience stores in the area where you can refuel.

Continue on NC 66 – 70.6 miles
R, Moores Spring Rd – 76.1 miles

This last stretch was a grind. Lots of moderate grades with a couple of steeper pitches thrown in for good measure.

At this point you can turn R and climb Hanging Rock, or
L, Hanging Rock Rd – 77.6 miles
R, Hwy 89 & 8

We passed on climbing Hanging Rock. However, the stretch after was my least favorite part of the ride. After turning onto 89 & 8, you’ll have about six miles of climbing ahead. Nothing too steep, but enough to keep you from getting into a comfortable rhythm.

REST STOP @ Meadows. The Citgo station is now on your right – 83 miles

S, 89 through Walnut Cover – 89.8 miles
L, Hwy 65 East (cross RR tracks)
L, Hwy 65 East – 95 miles
R, Belews Creek Rd – 96.7

You’ve been this way before, going the other direction. The road’s flattening out, but you’ll still have some rollers ahead.

REST STOP @ Belews Creek Fire Station – 97.9 miles
L, Goodwill Church rd – 98.9 miles
S, Hwy 158
R, Piney Grove Rd – 104.7 miles

You’re getting closer to the park, and if you’re like me you’re getting your third wind.

R, Nelson St – 104.9 miles
R, W. Bodenheimer – 105.6 miles
L, Mountain St – 105.7 miles
L, Fourth of July Park – 106 and change

Congrats. You’ve made it. Enjoy the moment.

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