An interesting competition idea: Technical

An interesting competition idea: Technical Trials, or a competition between bicycles (and not the riders):

“The Technical Trials are competitions between bicycles. The goal is to determine the best bicycle and to improve the machines by showing what works and what does not. This is especially important for “real world” bikes of all types, whether they are built and used for touring, randonneuring, ultracycling, or commuting. These cycling pursuits require a “systems approach” to bicycle design that considers and includes the “accessories” which are inevitably attached to the bicycle. For example, which fender attachments are durable and which lead to premature breaking of the fender? Which racks are designed well and don’t affect the handling of the bike? Which lights work well and which bracket fails after a few days of rough riding? Which wheels stay true on rough roads, and which are easy to fix in case a spoke breaks? Those and many other questions are addressed by the Technical Trials.”

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