Back from Tsali

Sorry that I don’t have photos of me and the group riding at Tsali, but it is impossible for me to take photos and crash simultaneously. I needed to keep my full attention on the latter.

Actually, I only hit the ground once this weekend, a fact that belies how bad a mountain biker I am. Sure, there are worse, but in terms of speed, smoothness, or pretty much any other measure of mountainbikingness, I am down near the bottom.

Still, I had a good time. Particularly Saturday, when I was cruising the Thompson Loop. I was passing more people than were passing me, and gave the appearance that I could actually control my bike. The ultimate compliment was when I caught my group and they allowed that I wasn’t an embarrassment to them.

HQ for the weekend was Freeman’s Motel:

There, we donned Arctic gear and gathered around the outdoor teevee to watch Auburn vs. Georgia:

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