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Sports Optical in Boulder, CO is known in the cycling world for offering unique custom lenses to fit frames that formerly took non-Rx lenses, or required prescription lens adapters. I first read about them here and was intrigued enough to investigate further. I’ve been wearing Rudy Project Rydons with the Rx adapter, and while they’re better than most of the alternatives, they’re far from perfect. My main gripes are that they fog too easily, and sit too close to my eyes.

After talking to Sports Optical I ordered a set of replacement lenses for the Rydons. I wanted something that filtered some light, improved contrast, and cut glare. Their recommendation was a light brown, polarized lens. I gave them my Rx numbers and waited for the lenses to arrive.

A couple weeks later I had them in hand. I was reasonably impressed with the quality; the lenses fit the Rydon frames perfectly, and the only negative is that the edges are a bit roughly finished compared to the Rudy Project stock lenses. Last Saturday I finally had the chance to wear them on a ride. The verdict? Comfort is much greater than the standard lens/Rx adapter combo, due to the Sports Optical lenses’ lighter weight and extra space between lens and eye. And despite the fairly extreme curvature of the lenses, the optics are excellent. It takes a bit of hunting with the eye to find the focus point when trying to see things clearly at a distance, but I rarely noticed this. The lens color seems right, filtering enough light and reducing glare so eye strain isn’t an issue.

That’s one ride, though. I’m looking forward to the chance to wear them a few days in a row to see how they feel.

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