Bleriot, Again

About 1/3 of the traffic I get is from folks searching for the Rivendell-inspired Bleriot. Sorry, but this is all I have for you and it isn’t much. Quality Bicycle Parts doesn’t appear to be doing much to promote the Bleriot; I’m curious about how many they’re selling. I suspect the Saluki’s the 650B market leader, but that’s not saying much – it’s a small market. Beyond that the 650B options are the Bleriot, Kogswell, Tournesol, Pedalwell (which may be more idea than bike), and several French options.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not particularly concerned about how many 650B cycles are sold. I’m more interested in who’s interested – particularly to the point of slapping down some cash for a very unusual (for the US market, at least) bike. If you’re here looking for info on the Bleriot, why? Are you ready to commit to 650B? I’m sincerely curious.

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