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  1. hello
    so nice of you to mention me…want to know if you were racing at “Shush Mtn” (or was it Bear Mtn? or Sugar Mtn? I do know it was near Traverse City, and that rather than getting picked up by Mr. Brick like the ‘real pros’ i pedaled to the local state park, slept al fresco with my cunningham bike next to me, and pedaled up to the Ski area the next day. That day was actually more fun (better scenery) than the race…24 miles of semi-lonely Michigan back roads…
    then I was housed at a family’s place…very interesting people (mc Quarries)..
    An unforgettable weekend, indeed. I was reet rude to a fellow who pushed a recently fledged expert –she works at QBP now–outta the way during the race.

  2. Thanks for dropping by. I can’t recall what that ski area was called, but Bear sounds about right. I was there to watch, not race.

    I’m with you — the roads in that area are great. Lots of good scenery (not to mention good camping — I spent many snowy nights camping in/around the dunes). Not that I’m ready to move back north, but I do miss riding around there.


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