Cafe Ride

Saturday mornings the cafe ride departs from Cycles de Oro at 9:30 am. It’s the kind of ride that attracts all sort of folks, though this morning (my first time on the ride) it was mostly people I often ride with.

The ride visits a local independent coffeehouse, by way of 10-20 miles of local roads. The pace is slow, and conversation is the real reason to ride. Today we made an early stop at Cheesecakes by Alex, where we spent a half hour or so escaping from the cold, then took a winding route along bikepaths and city streets, to Bur Mill Park.

Norma, Robert and Ann taking a break.

It was a good morning to play; we rolled along while folks talked, laughed, and acted silly. There was no hurry, but I was still a bit surprised that I didn’t get home until 1:00, with 28 slow, delightful miles under my belt.

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