CSC in Solvang is one among many sites covering CSC’s arrival in Solvang for training and the Tour of California. It’s made for interesting reading – CSC is an unusually deep and balanced team, with riders capable of competing in the Classics and major Tours. Plus, they feature three excellent US riders: Dave Zabriskie, who wore yellow at the 2006 TdF, Bobby Julich, who had the best season of his career in ’06, and Christian Vandevelde.

A lot of the coverage has focused on the team’s Cervelo bikes. They’re one of those brands that I’ve never thought of very much, but the more I read about them the more impressed I am. I’m particularly intrigued by the R3 – who’da thought you’d find a modern carbon race bike that can handle cyclocross tires?

Good thing I can read about cycling these days, because I’m not getting any time at all on a bike.

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