Cue Sheet: Barber Park Loop

This is one of my favorite MUSEP rides. It starts at Barber Park in Greensboro and loops out into the countryside and back for about 40 miles. Great scenery, and an excellent workout. This cue sheet provided by Mary Hughes of the Greensboro Velo Club.

L- E. Florida St.
L- Willow Rd.
R- Madre Pl. (2.5 miles)
R- Blackmoor Rd. (2.55 miles)
L- Pleasant Garden Rd. (2.7 miles)
cross Jim Hunt Jr. Hwy.
road changes to Hunt Rd. (8.0 miles))
L- Racine Rd. (13.2 miles)
R- Mason Rd. (15.0 miles)
R- McClellan Rd.
R- Appomattox Rd.
R- Mason Rd.
L- Old Climax Rd. (15.1 miles)
R- Hunting Lodge Rd. (15.4 miles)
L- Wayne White Rd. (16.6 miles)
L- New Salem Rd. (18.2 miles)
L- NC 22 (18.2 miles)
R- Old Red Cross Rd. (18.4 miles)
L- Shiloh Rd. (20.4 miles)
cross Hwy. 421 (20.5 miles)
L- Old Second St. (20.9 miles)
R- Old Julian Rd (21.0 miles)
cross NC 62 (21.5 miles)
L- Thacker Dairy Rd. (28.3 miles)
L- Millpoint Rd. (33.8 miles)
R- Presbyterian Rd. (33.8 miles)
R- Alamance Church Rd. (34.3 miles)
R- Willow Rd. (36.7 miles)
R- E. Florida St. (38.4 miles)
R- Dan’s Rd. (40.0 miles)

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