Cue Sheet: Fourth of July Ride

The ’05 edition of the July 4 ride starts at Hugo’s restaurant on Lawndale, near the intersection with Pisgah Road. The cues that follow are for the 65.1 mile ride.

R-Lawndale Rd.-0

S-Continue onto Lake Brandt Rd.-

-Cross Hwy 150-5.8

-Cross Scalesville Rd.
L-Hwy 158-10.7

R-Haynes Rd.-10.9

L-Hwy 65-13.0

R-Griffin Rd.-13.8

-cross Gold Hill Rd. onto Washburn Rd.-17.0

R-@ road end, onto Baggage Rd.-19.4

L-@ road end, onto Bald Hill Rd.-20.1

L-Hwy 704-21.9

-cross Hwy 220, toward Madison (Hwy 311/704)-

-cross Mayo River-

R-1st light, onto Market St.-23.4


R-3rd light onto Decatur St.-23.7

-cross under RR-

L-Dan Valley Rd.-23.9

R-River Rd.-25.6

R-Settles Bridge Rd.-32.3

L-Pannell Rd.  (may be unmarked)-34.2

R-Hwy 87-37.8

L-at stoplight (Hwy 65 Jnct) to
stay on Hwy 87-40.8

R-Sandy Cross Rd.-41.9

L-@ fork, onto Boyd Rd.-43.6


R-Ironworks Rd.-46.4

L-Monroeton Rd.-47.2

-cross Hwy 158 onto Cunningham Mill Rd.-48.9

R-Spearman Rd.-50.6

R-Hwy 150-53.7

L-Lake Brandt Rd.-59.3


-Return via Lawndale Dr. to parking lot-65.1

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