Eleven days until Bike Virginia,

Eleven days until Bike Virginia, so I’m making final preparations. Saddle comfort is something I’m still tweaking; the Regal wasn’t quite right and the C2 isn’t getting it either, so I went back to the trusty Turbo. I also took a trip to the store to pick up some Chamois Butt’r.

Most of my shorts are years old and wearing thin, so I was happy to see a pair of Castelli Dome bibs arrive in today’s mail. I picked them up from Sierra Trading Post for less than $40. A bargain, considering they used to go for about $130. The fit’s excellent, and I’m looking forward to riding in them. They seem to fit like a good pair of shorts should.

I’ve also been grappling with the problem of how to carry stuff with me on the bike. I don’t need to carry a lot, but it will be more than I usually have on board for a local ride. I considered a Cage Rocket, but I don’t want to sacrifice a water bottle for relatively little carrying capacity. I thought of a Rivendell Banana Bag, but that seemed a bit too big. Then I came across the RavX MaxiX wedge bag. It sits neatly against the underside of the saddle, has enough room to carry a tube, two CO2 cartridges and an Instaflate, tire levers, patches, a cell phone, and a digital camera. Plus, it has a rain cover. Looks like the perfect solution, and it was only about $15.

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