Fer Real B Ride

There’s no doubt that the rides around here are getting faster. Even the ones that used to feature a more mellow "B" group have gotten more brisk. One reaction has been the creation of the Fer Real "B" Ride, a Wednesday night ride for folks who want to ride 30-ish miles at a 15-17 mph pace.

The ride starts at Cycles de Oro at 6 PM, and tonight eight riders showed up. We started down Battleground — nothing like riding the city’s busiest street during rush hour — then snaked through town and out McConnell Rd. Once we were beyond the city limits traffic slacked off a bit.

The weather was nice, and I enjoyed rolling along at a comfortable pace. We even kept it mellow going over the hills, so I was surprised to see that we still covered 30.1 miles at more than 17 mph.

I’ll have another couple of chances to ride this week before Monday’s century. This will be my first in who-knows-how-long. Wish me luck.

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