Five Thoughts from Le Cirque

Five post-Cirque thoughts:

  1. Simon Firth of Bilenky said what was on my mind when he asked Sacha White if the future of handbuilt bikes was in the hands of the messenger crowd (I’m paraphrasing). The stalwarts of frame building came out of  road racing, but the work of many new builders seems to be informed by a different aesthetic, and you see this expressed in the form of some pretty cool townie and fixed gear bikes. Those builders are open to exploration, too, like with Johnny Coast’s work for Velo Orange.
  2. I want a fixie. Bad. This is feeding my obsession.
  3. Maynard, there were a hell of a lot of art bikes on the road last weekend. Too bad you missed the spectacle.
  4. I should have mentioned that I posted some show photos on Flickr.
  5. Oh, to spend a day browsing among all this.

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