I recently noticed something odd: The left, inside thigh of a couple pair of cycling shorts were abraded. They were new shorts, so this was a recent and annoying development. A quick check and I realized that the culprit was my old Jandd Mini Tool Kit bag. The hard edge of the velcro seat post strap was catching on the fabric.

I’ve had the bag on various bikes for, oh, about 10,000 miles and have never had a problem. So I suspect that my recent position change brought my leg in contact with the strap. I played around with the bag straps but couldn’t find a way to move them out of the way while keeping the bag snugly against the underside of the saddle.

So I’m back to my burrito wrap. My flat kit is pretty minimalist — a tube, patches, two tire levers, two CO2 cartridges and an Air Chuck SL inflator — so I cut two four inch strips from adjacent sides of the burrito wrap to make it smaller. With everything tightly swaddled inside it makes a tiny package that I can attach under the seat with an old toe strap. Best of all it’s safely out of the way of my legs.

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