Give me a freakin’ break

Freeroad? Pulleeeze. The cycling industry’s obsession with bestowing a name on every kind of riding is the kind of overkill that drives the marketing geek in me batty.

Pinarello Treviso
Although this battered Pinarello has traversed many a dirt and gravel road, do not confuse it with an authentic Freeroad bicycle.

In this case, Specialized is the offender. They want to call riding on a mix of pavement, dirt, and who-knows-whatever-else Freeroading (capitalized, natch). Crap. I thought it was just called cycling. After all, I’ve been riding all kinds of roads, paved or not, on skinny tires for many, many years, and it never occured to me that this deserved its own name. Ten years ago, big ringing it across dirt farm roads in Holland, Michigan, I never once thought, "Damn, this is such a specific, special kind of riding that I need to give it its Very Own Name that implies it can only be done on a Very Particular Kind of Bicycle." Because if I thought that, my next thought would have been about how silly that is.

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