I was waiting for the

I was waiting for the Tour de Lions Charity Ride to start, and I kept thinking I needed to run back to the car for my knee warmers. Maybe some ear warmers, too.

The cool temps and wind had many of us shivering. I skipped the trip back to the car, figuring that sooner or later I’d warm up.

Later was right. I was still shivering throughout the first few miles, and even miles into the ride the humidity left me feeling chilled to the bone.

All the same, it was a great ride. An excellent route ran from Gray’s Chapel to Silk Hope, Snow Camp, Liberty and back for a total of 59.5 miles. Traffic was mostly light, and the scenery excellent. Organization was first rate; the rest stops were well stocked and manned by a friendly group of people, and the post-ride lunch was great. I’ll definitely do it again.

Post-ride note: The route we rode was truly outstanding. There were lots of hills, but none (other than the last mile or so stretch) was particularly long or steep. And the flat, fast stretch coming out of Liberty was a joy.

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