Incremental improvements

So on my new bike I’ll sit further forward and spin slightly shorter cranks. What else will differ from my Burley?

I gave a lot of thought to what a new bike might look like. Those carbon Orbeas ridden by the Basque Mafia are pretty nice. Then there are the new Lynskeys, like a friend is buying. And I harbor a soft spot for Cannondales; the System Six is pretty attractive. And then there are the many Italian bikes I like so much. Not to mention Serottas and Sevens.

In the end I chose to focus mainly on improving the fit. I’m going to mostly stay away from wonder materials, and instead try to zero in on the perfect all-day, ride-a-century kind of bike. That means it won’t be radically different than the Burley, but the little changes should add up.

What is it? Patience. Patience….

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