It’s your group. We’re only part of it.

Want to remind your friends that the group ride exists for you, and they’re merely tagging along? Here are five helpful tips:

  1. If riding in a single paceline spend the duration of the ride hanging out to the left of the group. Go ahead — that’s your lane to use to move up and down the group as you like, and it’s everyone else’s responsibility to be aware of you.
  2. For God’s sake, don’t maintain a constant speed when it’s your turn to pull through.
  3. Remember that the right response to a car passing the paceline is to clamp on your brakes or simply stop pedaling. That’ll remind everyone behind you to stay awake.
  4. When the group stops at an intersection use the opportunity to improve your position in the paceline. Only the crafty get to ride up front.
  5. Remember that the phrase “Car back!”, when shouted from the back of the group, is your signal to erratically veer to the centerline and sprint past as many cyclists as you can. Bonus points for doing this on a hill or where cars might otherwise be able to pass.

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