Jack’s Creek

Our group’s usual follow up to the Burnsville Metric is the Jack’s Creek (PDF) loop. So we loaded up after breakfast this morning and headed over to the starting point, Blossman Gas on Hwy 19E. John L went fishing instead, so Susan, John P, Stuart, Jim and I rolled out at 9 AM.

Today’s forecast called for an 80% chance of rain, but there was nothing but sunshine when we started. We cruised over the first couple of climbs, descended into the valley, and spent the next hour-plus cruising along the Toe and Cane Rivers. For the most part the roads are relatively flat and smooth. Other than a stop to change a flat (mine) we settled into a steady rhythm.

The sky got progressively cloudier and about 10 miles out a few drops fell. Nearby, John was getting slammed by a storm, and the non-cycling spouses were hiding out at the NuWray Inn. But, a few drops were all we got. We kept rolling up out of the valley, and down 19E to the parking lot.

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