Maynard, Maynard…

Maynard Hershon got up on the wrong side of the bed and penned an "intolerant views on art bicycles," fueled by photos a friend sent of bikes from the NAHBS. Here’s a whiff:

Expensive poser motorcycles that are practically useless are an
industry, but bicycles have always been built to ride. No one will ride those Hand Made bikes.


I don’t know what constitutes a perfectly utilitarian, rideable bike in Hershon’s shrinking universe but a quick look around offers me plenty of evidence that handmade bikes aren’t simply for hanging on walls. On the road I see plenty of bikes of the kind that were on display at NAHBS — Richard Sachs, Calfees, Crumptons, IFs, etcetera — and the furthest thing from my mind is that someone has something that I don’t, and that this — at least in their minds — makes them oh so superior to the rest of us.

What’s the corollary here? That production bikes lack pretense, and therefore are better? He’s going to have to point out the boundary for me — the point at which a bike buyer crosses over from aesthetically acceptable but utilitarian to too artsy to ride. Of course, he can’t. That point doesn’t exist except in the most subjective and superficial way.

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