Memorial Day Weekend Cycling

The heat came with a vengeance, and just in time for the long weekend. I’d planned to do three rides, but ended up settling for two: Saturday’s Gold Hill Invitational and today’s ramble through Davidson County.

The heat killed me on Saturday. The first sign I wasn’t ready for it came after leaving the first rest stop well behind my group. I chased…chased…chased, and felt like puking. After catching the tail end of the group I hung on and then got dropped. I chased again and finally settled in with a few folks who were riding an easy tempo. It wasn’t until a long climb up from High Rock Lake that I started feeling okay, and from that point on I was fine. But it was painful to need 40 miles to warm up. Total for the day: 65 miles.

Today was a reprise of Jane’s Ride, the annual cruise from the Farmer’s Market to Wallburg and back. We had 17 riders on hand, and kept a moderate pace. No problems with the heat today; I felt good from start to finish. Total: 49.9 miles.

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