My five wishes for the cycling media, in the year 2006

  1. That someone – anyone – at Velonews notices that has relegated them to irrelevancy. And that they use their presumably superior resources to retool the mag into something that isn’t simply a repeat of what its readers have already seen on the Internet.
  2. That a writer slips this past the weight weenies at Bicycling: "A fifteen pound bike or one that weighs 20 – who can really tell the difference without a scale? And other than us and our advertisers, who really cares?"
  3. That Dirt Rag just keeps on keepin’ on. Just because they’re the only US cycling mag with a good sense of humor.
  4. That L’Equipe just keeps on ‘quipin’ on. Just to annoy Lance.
  5. That a few more writers venture beyond safe territory and learn about cyclocross, randonneuring, and cyclo-touring.

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