Oak Ridge Ride

I thought we were in for a bit of rain, but none materialized and instead we rode under cloudy skies. Temps were cool but it was muggy as all get out. Not ideal, but it wasn’t 90 degrees either.

A large group started (late) in Oak Ridge. It was a rambling kind of ride that split about 15 miles in, with one group opting to do fewer than 40 miles while the rest of us kept looking for ways to bump the mileage to 50 or so. That’s what we ended up with; it was a good workout that covered lots of rollers and a couple of decent climbs.

Low point: The angry old man who whipped into the convenience store parking lot and nearly took us all out, then proceeded to give us the finger and suggest that we kiss his ass. Nice guy — I’m sure he’s a load of fun to hang out with.

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