On Location at the Cirque

I headed over to the Cirque this morning in order to check out the swap meet and bike show. The featured attractions of the latter were track and touring bikes.

Plenty of bling on display, like this blinding Rene Herse:

Rene Herse bicycle

You can see the rest of my photos here.

My favorites from the show? A thoroughly modern Richard Sachs race bike, the very understated Vanilla track bike, a glowing Llewellyn road frame, and a couple of very nice Mariposas. Oh, and the superb Weigle randonneuring frames.

The swap meet was more of a disappointment. There were fewer vendors this year, less for sale, and the prices seemed higher. The only thing on my shopping list was a red and chrome Arione saddle – there was one for sale but for too much. There were a few bikes that grabbed my attention: A Serotta Atlanta with 10 spd Chorus for a very reasonable price (but too small for me) and a couple of Olmos that were exactly the right size and pretty tempting.

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