Pinarello Galileo

I’ve always liked Pinarellos, and have owned a couple of them. And although I’ve not been tempted to buy another one – they just haven’t seemed like very good values during the past few years – I like to keep up with the brand.

I’d noticed the new incarnation of the Galileo, a basic aluminum racebike, on Competitive Cyclist’s site. A couple of things caught my attention: the Onda fork and seatstay that used to be available only on the uber-expensive models, and the price, $2,199 with a mix of Ultegra and MOST (house brand) components. Pretty cool, I thought . A good bargain.

I was in Cycles de Oro today buying bar tape and noticed that they had a 56 cm Galileo on the floor. My impressions:

  • It’s a good looking bike. The welds are neat, the paint is well done, and the quality of the Onda fork and stays seems good. In appearance it compared favorably to the far more expensive 4:13 sitting next to it.
  • The downtube is quite a bit fatter than I expected. I don’t want to generalize about how this affects the ride. It surprised me, is all.
  • It’s heavier than I expected. I didn’t put it on a scale, but my subjective opinion is that it’s probably pushing 22-23 pounds, equipped with Shimano Ultegra pedals. I’d be curious to know the actual weight – not that weight’s ultimately all that important – but it felt heavier than my 60 cm steel framed Burley (21.5#, with pedals, cages, and computer).

If I was in the market for a bike I’d be tempted to test ride one. The weight’s not a big deal, and I’ve always liked the way Pinarellos handle. At the ~$2K price point it’s more appealing than most of what I’ve seen.

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