Pricey New Serotta?

Some discussion of the new Serotta Meivei. It can be yours (eventually) for a mere $7,995. But that includes the fork.

If this model comes to pass, it won’t be a surprise. Mixed material bikes — particularly those that depend on metal fittings to join carbon tubes — seem like an evolutionary dead end. Sure, the Ottrott, which is built this way, is by all accounts a mighty fine bike. But composite materials, joined properly, are a more direct route to the same result. The process of welding together ersatz lugs, and plugging in carbon tubes, seems a compromise to take advantage of already developed skills. And once a bicycle maker develops a reliable way to bond composites in a reliable, customizable fashion, there’s no reason to keep on welding.

Again, the Ottrott is pretty cool, though out of my price range. I really like the Cannondale Six13. And Sevens are pretty sweet. But I think that as more builders develop the capability to bond composite tubes, these kind of bikes are going to fall by the wayside. There just won’t be an advantage to continuing to build that way.

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