Quest for the Perfect Saddle

It’s not that I really dislike the Selle Italia C2 I’ve been perched on for the past few thousand miles. But I’ve not really gotten to the point of feeling like it’s more than just okay. And after I found that exposed metal on the C2/Ritchey seatpost combination was wearing through my favorite shorts, I decided the time had come to move on.

My first thought was to return to the Selle San Marco Regal that lived on my Pinarello. Hey, if it’s good enough for Boonen it’s good enough for me. Or so I thought, until a ride around the neighborhood convinced me that my anatomy and that saddle had gone their separate ways. Too bad.

So, I went way back in time and installed an old Selle Italia Turbo that I had lying around. At a time when everyone’s bikes are sporting Ariones (not that I’d mind a white and chrome one myself), Flites and other ultralight saddles, the turbo is a real throwback. It’s the most used racing saddle ever, but I haven’t seen one on another bike in more than five years. Never mind, though – after a spin around the block this might be the ticket. I’ll give an update after logging a few rides.

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