Random thoughts from a warm, Winter weekend

When the temps hit 70 in December, even in relatively warm North Carolina, you take advantage. That meant Saturday I got a chance to cement my hard-earned reputation for twisting the truth a bit about rides. I advertised a ride of ~40 miles at ~16 mph; instead, we went 51 at 19+. The ride was an out and back on 150, east of town. The last few miles feature the only real climbs, a series of rollers along Doggett Rd. that induced a bit of pain.

Today’s ride wasn’t much more laid back. We started at the Farmers Market then looped up north, through Summerfield and back. Our large group split along Pleasant Ridge Rd., and by the time we made the turn onto 150 our front group was whittled down to about 15 riders. The long climb up Bunch Rd. knocked out a few more. It was windy, so I just kept following wheels until we hit the home stretch on Sandy Ridge Rd.; then, a quick run at 26 mph to bridge to the front group, and I was home with the first pack. Hoorah.

Saturday’s ride put me over 4,000 for the year. I was only aiming for 3,500, so the extra is a nice bonus.

And now I’m shifting attention to next year. A Florida training camp with John and Stuart Larry David is on the horizon, and I’m booked for the Burnsville Metric. A few other things are shaping up, too.

The warm weather is supposed to hang around through much of the week. The Tuesday night ride might not even require arm warmers.

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