Vittoria Rubino Pro after 3,500 miles

I noticed this right before leaving for the Farmers Market ride. Nothing to do but squeeze one more ride out of it, right? Not that I recommend anyone do the same.

This is the original rear tire on my Burley Fox Hollow. It’s a Vittoria Rubino Pro, and judging from the stellar performance I got out of it, I’m going to be buying more. I coaxed 3,500 miles out of this one, riding over nasty pavement, gravel roads, and more than a few patches of glass. And in all those miles, I never had a flat (that goes for the front, too).

With the season winding down, I’ll throw a set of nearly-new Maxxis Fuse tires on the bike. That’ll get me through the season, and come Spring I’ll be looking for a new set of Rubino Pros. A question: Anyone know where to find these in black/white?

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