Rites of Spring – 36 miles

I’ve been meaning to post the 36 mile route of the Rites of Spring ride. Although I have mixed feelings about starting at Bur-Mil, it’s worth a spin.

Start at Bur-Mil Park
0.4 L on Owls Roost Rd
1.0 R on Greenway multiuse path
2.5 L on apartment complex road
2.8 follow road to Lake Brandt Rd
2.9 R on Lake Brandt Rd
3.0 R on Old Battleground Rd
4.3 Straight across Hwy 220 – Old Battleground becomes Horsepen Creek Rd
5.0 R on Carlson Dairy Rd
6.7 R on Pleasant Ridge Rd
9.2 L on Summerfield Rd
10.0 R on Hwy 150 E
10.1 Straight across Hwy 200 – road becomes Scalesville Rd
12.7 L on Lake Brandt Rd
15.2 L on Hwy 158
15.4 R on Haynes Rd
17.4 R on Hwy 65
20.2 L on Bethany Rd (Bethany School is the rest stop)
20.3 R on Hwy 65 (back from where you came)
20.6 L on Witty Rd
23.1 Straight across Hwy 158
25.7 Straight across Scalesville Rd
27.1 L on Lake Brandt Rd
28.3 Straight across Hwy 150
31.7 R @ intersection of Lawndale and Lake Brandt Rds
32.9 R onto Greenway path
34.7 L on Owls Roost Rd
35.3 R into Bur-Mil Park
35.7 Finish

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