Roaming Ride for May 25/Tour de Lions

I’m posting this earlier than usual, so don’t say you didn’t have enough warning. Next week’s Roaming Ride returns to Oka Hester Park. Everybody who did the Roaming Ride last week loved it. Click here to see the starting point; you can also look at the route for Oka Hester Ride 3 to get an idea of the route. An idea, because we might turn right off Harlow onto Muddy Creek Rd, go left on Cedar Square, and rejoin the mapped route where Cedar Square runs into Coltrane Mill. If we do that (and it all depends on who shows up) the detour adds four miles.

Saturday, we’ll have a large group from the Roaming Ride/Oak Ridge Ride at the Tour de Lions. Show up, enjoy one of the best supported rides in the area, and support the Gray’s Chapel Lions Club.

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