Samuel Abt on Stage 9 of the TdF

The excellent Samuel Abt analyzes the results of stage 9, in his daily write up in the International Herald Tribune. Today’s results are, according to Abt, no indication that Lance is not going to win #7, but he does note:

If Voigt and Moreau are negligible factors, Rasmussen may be more troublesome.

Rasmussen would be Rabobank’s Mickael Rasmussen, who put the hurt on everyone today to take the first true mountain stage. He looks strong, and it’s not unknown to this race to have a real threat materialize out of nowhere.

I’ve stayed away from too much commentary about the TdF. If Lance gets #7, it will be because he deserves it. If he doesn’t, it will be because someone rides aggressively enough to throw Discovery off its game. He’ll also need a lucky break or two. And if it happens, the first guy not named Lance to win the tour since 1998 will have earned it.

One other note: Too bad Zabriskie abandoned. He’s a tough rider and I was pulling for him.

Meanwhile, in non-TdF related news, I stretched out my legs with the GVC this afternoon and did 37.8 meandering miles around north Greensboro.

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