Saturday Ride, and the five rides I wish I’d done in 2005 but didn’t

Saturday was likely the last or next-to-last ride for me in 2005. It was unusually well attended for a Christmas Eve ride, but then the weather was unusually good, too. My legs were tired from Friday’s ride so the distance and pace (25 miles at 16.5 mph) felt right.

I’ve been pondering the rides I missed or just didn’t get around to doing in ’05. The ones that got away, in no particular order, are:

  1. Sugarlands Visitors Center to Cherokee, NC. This one goes over Newfound Gap. I think about it every year, and skip it every year.
  2. Greensboro to Carrboro. Though this came up in conversation the other day, and may happen over the winter if the weather stays pleasant.
  3. TOSRV. Wanted to do it, but the date didn’t work. My calendar’s clear for the 2006 event.
  4. The Road to Nowhere. I’ve ridden it before on a tandem, but wanted to go back this summer and climb it again.
  5. Seattle to Portland. Like TOSRV, a classic. But too far out of reach this year.

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