So Long

I’ve discontinued the Roaming Rides, and instead joined tonight’s farewell ride for friend Lisa, who’s moving to Florida. After getting my shoulder scoped a couple of years ago Lisa was my physical therapist. Since meeting we’ve been on many rides together.

The plan: A quick ride then dinner at a local pizza place. I expected an easy ride, but you know how those things go and pretty soon I was going flat out to bridge up to a group that rolled off the front about five miles into the ride. For some inexplicable reason I expected them to slow up, but Lisa was in the lead group, and after all we were there to ride with her, so off we went.

We were south of town, so the route took us over a series of hills and rollers, with a long uphill drag back into town. For old times sake we finished off the ride with a climb up Northwood St; tradition states that you go as fast as you can, and so we did.

Afterward: Dinner at Brixx, lot’s of good company, a whole bunch of fun.

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