You can tell Spring’s here. Straddle a bicycle and the wind starts blowing. Into your face. No matter what direction you ride.

Today’s ride — Air Harbor Rd to Wentworth and back — turned out to be a fairly difficult “easy” ride. That’s because:

  1. It was windy. Very. And there were a few hills.
  2. I chose, for some random reason, to wind it up on a couple of occasions, and wore myself out.
  3. My conditioning sucks. I was tired/cramping/[insert other excuse].

We went a shade over 44 miles, and I can’t complain about the route. The descent into Wentworth along Hwy 65 is pretty, and when I’m in better shape the climb out of the valley’s not too bad either. But because I’m not in shape the climb (which starts at about 7% and then drops to 2-3% for a looonnggg stretch along 65) sapped me. Oh well. The season’s just getting started.

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