Surveying the damage, part 1

I stay out of discussions about helmet use. Given enough time — five minutes or more — they turn into shrill arguments where no one is convinced of anything but the righteousness of their position.

Personally, I wear a helmet when riding. And I prefer to ride with others who do. But that’s my choice, and about as much as I’ll say on the subject.

I’ve started surveying the damage from my crash last week. The bike looks okay, other than a lot of scuffs and scrapes. I’ll pull the fork off and check that thoroughly, because it’s carbon and I don’t want to overlook a small but potentially problematic crack.

On the other hand my helmet is toast.

Of course, that’s what should happen. The helmet compresses, fractures, etc. so your skull and brain don’t have to. This Limar F111 managed that pretty admirably. To some extent, buying a helmet is a crap shoot because you just don’t know how it’s going to work, until it works. So, while I’ve given this model high marks for fit, comfort and ventilation, I can now, with some authority, bestow five stars on it for protecting my melon.

Unfortunately the US distributor for Limar only covers the F111 under its crash replacement policy for two years. Mine’s right around two years old and I have no receipt, so I’m out of luck. Time to go shopping.

I’ve been pretty happy with my Limar and would buy another. It’s easy to find an F111 or its replacement, the 911. Plus, the 907, another variation, is out there. There are also a helmets from Giro, Specialized and Louis Garneau that I’ve tried before and think would fit the bill. And, I suspect, a few others.

Is there a helmet you really like? Let me know what it is, and why you’re a fan.

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