The best ride ever

Just kidding. Tonight’s ride might have been the worst ever. No lie.

Only seven of us showed up for the Roaming Ride. Thirty’s more typical for this ride, but the weather was looking a bit iffy so I couldn’t blame anyone for taking a night off. But the worst of the clouds blew over and all looked relatively well to the west, which was the general direction we were headed in.

About five miles into the ride the sky started darkening. Car headlights came on all around us. It looked like we were headed into a storm, but we rode with the optimism of the truly committed and told ourselves that we would skirt the worst of it.

Then the wind picked up.

Debris started falling out of trees.

It poured. Really poured.

About the time all visibility was lost, the hail came.

Between the bad visibility and rain/hail, the group split up. Something akin to divine intervention led us to a friendly homeowner who let us park our bikes and hang out in his sunroom until the worst of the rain passed.

The guy was a true saint.

After about 20 minutes of waiting we made a dash for home. About five miles stood between us and the parking lot. It was a very cold, wet five miles.

We all made it back safely, but soggy. All was well. Until D___ ran over Frank’s helmet while driving out of the parking lot. It really wasn’t that funny, particularly since it was Frank’s favorite helmet, but all we could do was laugh.

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