The five worst roads for cycling in and around Greensboro

I’ll skip the obvious choices – Battleground Road, the various four lane highways and the like – and focus on regularly ridden roads that are, well, hellish.

  1. Lake Brandt Road. All rides, I like to say, lead to Lake Brandt Road. Unfortunately, many of these rides coincide with times commuters are on the way to work or home, are in a hurry, and are pissed off. Taking a ride on LBR is sometimes a necessity, but never fun.
  2. Lawndale Road. Another product of heavy traffic, impatient drivers, and necessity (on cyclists’ part). When it comes to riding on Lawndale the less, the better.
  3. North Church Street. This is where evil drivers go to practice buzzing vulnerable cyclists. No where in Greensboro do drivers go so far out of their way to prove that you, person on a bike, do not belong on the road.
  4. Westridge Road. I seem to encounter a fair number of people who I would describe as – and I’m being as charitable as I can here – idiots. Specifically, angry idiots. Whenever I have a run in with one of these people, I imagine that they were on their way home to kick the family dog, and saw me as a more tempting target.
  5. Country Park loop road. No cars, but a truly unpleasant place to ride. Picture crowds of pedestrians attached, by 30-foot leashes, to wandering dogs. No one’s paying attention to anything around them, least of all anyone on a bike.

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