The other day it occured

The other day it occured to me that I couldn’t remember the last time a bike I bought came with a saddle I liked (or came with a saddle at all). For the past 12 years my saddle choices have been pretty straightforward: I’ve either ridden a Turbo or Regal (plus a Turbo-like Specialized saddle that came on my S-Works mountain bike).

The Fox Hollow came equipped with a Selle Italia C2, which I immediately eyed with suspicion. Not that there was anything obviously wrong with it, mind you; it just wasn’t a Turbo or Regal.

Sorting out my position has taken some time, so I really haven’t focused much on the saddle. I just left it on (gotta give it a chance, right?) and rode. Today, as I was spinning along, I realized that I really like the C2. I can’t claim it’s worlds better than a Turbo (I’m kind of sliding away from the Regal, in favor of the Turbo), but it’s really good. The shape fits me; it has a supportive tail, the center section has a subtle dip, and the padding is sufficient without resorting to gel. Plus, the sides are cut away more radically than a Turbo, so I never have the sensation of my thighs brushing the saddle.

I guess that means I’ll keep it.

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