The Season Begins

Tuesday marked the beginning of what I consider to be the start of the season. Daylight Savings Time began and the weeknight rides were on. I intended to do the new Chek Ride but it didn’t work out, so I went out on the Farmers Market ride instead.

I joined the usual crowd from Dave’s Ride for 30-ish windy miles. It took a while to get everyone together; for the first six miles we were strung out down the road. Around the time we got to Northwest School Road we more or less got it together and settled into a nice tempo. We kept up fairly high pace for this time of the year, but I never felt like I was riding hard – other than a 20 mph sprint up a longish hill toward the end of the ride.

It was a good fitness check. Mileagewise I’m ahead of this time last year, and I feel like I’m much stronger than I was last April. However, I’m still not feeling like I’m ready to ride hard. For now, nice and easy is the plan.

Tomorrow’s another Chek Ride. I’ll be there.

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