Tipping point?

Never mind the drama surrounding Floyd, Greg, a pack of dueling experts, incompetent technicians, and a bunch of politicos with a serious grudge. Erik Zabel’s and Rolf Aldag’s admissions to doping in the ’90s seem to represent a more substantial tipping point in the whole cyclists-on-PEDs drama. On top of that Mr. 60% himself has scheduled a press conference tomorrow, and one can only guess what he’s going to say.

At any rate, the dirty laundry is piling up and it’s only a matter of time before it’s piled so high that the sponsors are going to be unable to overlook it. Because it’s going to take some serious financial pressure to get past the posturing that’s passed for “reform” in cycling.

That aside, I do feel some sympathy for the guys who are caught in this meatgrinder. After watching Hell On Wheels I came away with more respect for Zabel, who comes off as a thoroughly decent guy. That he’s decided to out himself while he’s still an active rider doesn’t change my opinion. But then I’m inclined to think that just about anyone who stood on a podium during the ’90s was on something.

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