Tour de Triad

Yesterday’s Tour de Triad featured perfect October weather. A little breezy, yes, but ideal temps and a clear blue sky greeted the 100 or so who rode. It was originally billed as a 65 mile ride; when I arrived the lady handing out cue sheets noted that the actual distance would be closer to 70.

I rode with John, one of my companions from Bike Virginia. I hadn’t been on the bike in two weeks, but for some reason — maybe the lack of coffee in my system — the distance didn’t faze me.

We joined a group for the first 18 miles, which brought us to a rest stop at Northwest High School. Most of the folks we’d been with were planning on the 30 mile option, so John and I headed off for the next section on our own. That section was a set of mostly rolling climbs around the northwest side of Greensboro. We were in no hurry, so we kept the pace moderate, and all seemed well until…

… until we rolled back into Northwest High School.

"Several people missed the turn," said the organizer. To his credit, he’d announced a tricky turn before the morning send off, but we didn’t listen. Of course. Rather than throw that in our face, he offered us a ride back to the point where we’d missed the turn. We jumped on it.

That off-course excursion turned our Tour de Triad into a 65 70 77.3 mile ride. Not to worry — it was too nice a day to complain about having to tack on a few extra miles. So we kept rolling, enjoyed the rest stops (first time I’ve ever visited one stop three times in one ride), kept a steady 17-18 mph pace, and finished in time for me to hit a movie with the family (and for John to get to a wedding — sorry John).

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