Treviso Reborn – Progress

While swapping parts from the Burley to my Pinarello I realized that I was missing a couple of vital items: an 8 mm hex wrench and a cartridge bottom bracket tool. The former is needed to remove and install the crankset, and the need for the latter is pretty obvious. So I went searching for both; after weighing the cost of buying tools I’ll rarely use (neither is needed for the drivetrain on the Landshark) against the cost of having the shop do the swap, I went with option B. I’ll need a front derailleur with a braze-on fitting and an Italian (threaded) BB, but otherwise I’m good to go. The transplant should be finished by Wednesday.

Other than the nearly modern drivetrain I’m going to leave the old parts in place: Ritchey stem, Cinelli bars, American Classic seatpost, and a Regal saddle. I’ve got a couple of TA bottle cages that’ll complete the package.

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