Treviso Reborn

I’ve been pondering what to do with my Burley Fox Hollow. It’s a terrific bike, but the geometry is so far from that of my Landshark that I can’t imagine riding it much. And with some of the components scarred up from my crash last year, its value on the used market is less than I’d like.

But then I was struck with a minor inspiration. My circa 1990 Pinarello Treviso – the one destined for life as a fixed gear bike – has geometry that’s very similar to that of the ‘shark. It’s a great handling bike, too. So the Burley is becoming a parts donor and the Treviso is getting a nine speed upgrade. I expected to have to stretch the Pinarello’s rear dropouts from 126 to 130 spacing, but the nine speed wheel slipped in without a hitch.

When I’m finished I’ll have the Burley frame, fork and headset, a Mavic road group, and a bunch of 6/7 speed clincher and sewup wheels left over. eBay or a table at the Cirque should help me dispose of that.

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2 thoughts on “Treviso Reborn”

  1. Just found your site through google. Does your Fox Hollow happen to be a 56cm, new style with slightly sloping top tube? You say you are wondering what to do with it… Let me know.


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