TTT Tuneup

Saturday’s ride was a 55 mile cruise from Shannon Hills to Level Cross, Red Cross, Pleasant Garden, and back. Plenty of wind, but other than losing our ride leader – literally losing him – at the 40 mile mark, the ride was smooth sailing.

Semi-clear skies were in today’s forecast so I was surprised to wake to lots of clouds. On the way to the holiday show-and-go at Harris-Teeter, I passed through minor showers. But the rain didn’t really start falling until the crowd clipped in and started rolling. Routes of 34 and 47 miles were planned but no one really committed one way or another. So off we went.

Windy, chilly conditions seemed to force the group to opt for a shorter ride – but again, no one really committed one way or another. We just kept rolling, making up a route as we went, occasionally regrouping. In the end we finished with 35 miles.

Next weekend: The Tour to Tanglewood. It’s a fundraiser for a very worthy cause. Consider making a donation. I’ll be out there with a few thousand other folks, riding about 150 miles over the weekend.

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