Turkey Burned: Check

Yep, I rode over the weekend. Since it was a long one I started with Friday’s Burn the Turkey jaunt — 45-ish miles starting and ending at Northeast Park. All the elements of a Fall ride were present, which meant running into a cold, stiff headwind for most of the day. With my motivation at an ebb, me and my aching legs were happy to see the parking lot at ride’s end.

Saturday I set out to lead a 30-ish mile ride from Oka T. Hester Park. Only four of us showed, my legs were tired from Friday, the pace was a bit high for me…so I bailed after about four miles and rode a short loop on my own. The Velowife was surprised to see me home early, but this time of the season if I don’t feel like riding I don’t ride.

Tomorrow the night rides start for real. Location: Grandover Resort. Time: 6:30 PM. Lights, blinkers and common sense are required.

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