Weekend Rides: Rites of Spring & More

Let’s start the weekend ride report with a couple of questions:

  1. Why does the annual Rites of Spring Ride start at Bur-Mil Park, a place with plenty of parking and a picnic shelter, but lacking the one necessity for a road ride: easy access to rideable roads?
  2. What’s going on with the weather?

I’m not going to harp on #1, despite having to ride about four miles on narrow, crowded bike paths to begin and end the ride. Apart from that minor hassle, it was a well-organized ride that covered some familiar roads. Basically, the route took us toward Oak Ridge, then north, and back to Greensboro.

The wind seemed to be in our faces whichever way we went, and was made even worse by the biting cold. East, west, yada yada, the wind was always meeting us head on. After riding the first few miles at a leisurely pace, John and I picked up the pace a bit and were feeling pretty good as we rolled into the rest stop at the 20 mile mark. That was until the lead pack, out on the 60 mile route, flew past after having covered a few more miles than us in the same time. Oh well, fast is relative, right?

The return to Greensboro wasn’t so windy but the hills made up for it. Total for the day: ~39 miles.

Sunday was a chance to cruise around the old Tuesday night route, starting at the Farmers Market. Don’t ask me to remember the route – I just recall seeing signs for Oak Ridge and Summerfield pop up repeatedly. And there were hills. Oh were there. Not to mention more wind. Total miles: 32.

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