When I took delivery of

When I took delivery of my Burley I commented on the Velomax Circuit wheels that are standard on the Fox Hollow. Now, I’m not a huge fan of “system” wheels. They make great sense for manufacturers, but offer little advantage to riders. I’ve mostly ridden wheels that I or friends have built, and after thousands of trouble-free miles I haven’t seen much reason to switch. But…I have these Velomax’s, so I might as well ride them.

Truth be told, I like ’em. I now have a little more than a thousand miles on them, so I feel marginally qualified to comment on their performance. The bottom line: They ride well, the spokes have held their tension, and the rims have stayed true. The hubs spin like they’re just out of the box, and the rear is relatively noiseless. Compared to a friend’s Ksyriums that I rode, they seem to provide a much more compliant ride.

Honestly, I don’t know that if I had to replace them I’d go with another pair. A fine set of hand built wheels from a good wheel builder would cost about the same, last a long time, and outperform my expectations. But I’d at least think about another set of Circuits. Give me a couple thousand more miles and I’ll know for sure.

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