Fleeing the birdsite

I’m over at Mastodon, and at least on my server (federation FTW) the toxicity is at a low level. See for yourself how social media can be civil and interesting.

Weighing a Hidden Cost of T1D Tech

Last night, I spoke to a small group of parents of athletes about type one diabetes management and exercise. Everyone was engaged and the sharing that came out of it was incredible. I’ve missed doing these discussions, which were frequent in the pre-pandemic days. One mother of a teenager was there in person (the others … Read more

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Bali Hai

More about the trip to Cali to follow, but doesn’t this pic look like it dropped through a time portal? The Caddy parked out front was serendipitous, though a ’70s-era Eldorado would have been even better. Ah, the joy of shooting expired Fujifilm Provia. The Bali Hai website, menu, and servers warn that their world … Read more