Ian Joyce

Digital Services Director for The Reuben Rink Company in Winston Salem, NC. I help organizations think about how they interact with people in digital contexts.

Non-profits that make the world a better place are my passion. One example is JDRF, the world's largest non-governmental funder of type one diabetes research, where I'm a member of the Global Mission Board and national volunteer partner for peer-to-peer fundraising programs.

Hobbies: vinyl, unusual watches and motorcycles

My travel pics. I get around—Paris and Portugal are my faves.

My dogs, Ben and Rox, keep me grounded. Ben, who is part Old English Sheepdog and part Irish Wolfhound, gets all the attention. Rox seems to take it in stride.

I write satire, including this piece for McSweeney's Internet Tendency. Occasionally, someone will go out of their way to tell me I'm not funny.

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